رمز المنتج: WP188-6B
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Not in production, pelase use WP188-6C
CPU Intel Xscale 425 533Mhz 128MB RAM 16MB Flash, 
IEEE 802.3af integrated POE, 2 x10/100M ethernet ports,
Support 4 MiniPCI slot (802.11a/b/g and b/g), RS232, on board battery, 
1 x SD card reader.
Option : Support OpenWRT, Redboot/Snapgear.
powering- PSu 24V 0,5A (same like for WP54 - 6E)- included
POE - 802,3af with higher output (if all miniPCI slots will be used), fe. COMPEX POE+ 6P4830W - not included

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