APC 2S-14

APC 2S-14
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The APC 2S-14 presents a 2.4GHz CPE product with superiorperformance and flexibility. This product is equipped with anextreme output power (up to 31 dBm) 802.11n radio that wascreated with a unique hardware design and coupled with a reliable,feature-rich operating system. This small device also hasa robust, IP-65 compliant enclosure which is combined with amedium gain corner reflector, and emits EIRP up to 35 W. TheAPC 2S-14 is generally designed for CPE applications but canalso act as an access point thus allowing point to point and pointto multipoint network applications.The included,
robust software engine allows the APC 2S-14to work as bridge or as a router, provides a user-friendly AdobeFlex - based GUI with instant changes, includes useful installationtools (Site survey, Antenna alignment, Delayed reboot, Spectrumanalyzer) and also is compatible with Wireless NetworkManagement System for one of the most advanced managementtools on the market.

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