Aruba AP-130-MNT

Aruba AP-130-MNT
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The AP-130 Series Wall Mount Kit 2 (AP-130-MNT-W2) allows you to mount your AP-130 Series access point
to a flat surface or an electrical gang box. The AP-130-MNT-W2 can attach to several single and dual
gang wall boxes, including US, UK and DIN standardized models.
The AP-130-MNT-C2 ceiling rail adapter provides additional ceiling mounting options for the AP-130 Series
wireless access point (AP). The ceiling mounting kit includes the following items:
 Adapter for Open (Silhouette) ceiling tile rails. The wider of the two adapters.
 Adapter for Flanged (Interlude) ceiling tile rails. The narrower of the two adapters.

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