Sapido RB-1632

Sapido RB-1632
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Mobile Hotspot‧Mini USB Power Supply Pocket N+
Sapido Mobile Hotspot is definitely your top choice of mobile router with its tiny designed and plenty functions.
Going outside with your 3G smartphone, 3G iPad, 3G NB, etc, you have to change your SIM card constantly or prepare more SIM cards for these 3G devices. It’s a burden of high cost and really inconvenient. Supporting mobile broadband via not only 3G modem, but also various smartphones such as iPhone, HTC,..etc., and you can also charge smartphones while surfing the internet without using its power adapter. Whatever broadband service you use – 3G/4G, xDSL/Cable, Public WiFi, or even WiMAX, you can share internet connections effortlessly via Sapido Mobile Hotspot. Connect Sapido Mobile Hotspot to laptop, car charger or battery pack with a Y type USB cable, you can create instant WiFi Hotspot on the go without the worry about finding a power socket. You can get rid of hassle of Ethernet cable when staying in hotel room, your smartphone, laptops or iPad, etc. can access Internet at the same time by switching the Mobile Hotspot to AP mode to let wired turn to wireless.
Sapido Mobile Hotspot complies with 802.11n standard, which enhances wireless performances. With the latest 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology, it adjusts power consumption according to the auto detect of Internet connection and packet transmission, and can save up to 80% electricity.

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