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Utilizes 802.11ac standard speeds. Up to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz frequency band and up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band delivering throughput speeds ideal for media streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers in and around the home

Initiate and communicate to friends and family from anywhere in the world with an available Internet connection via a Wi-Fi access point or hot spot, or via a 3G or 4G carrier connection. Supports up to ten (10) smartphones.

EnShare lets users access media content from a storage device attached to the USB port of the EPG5000 in or away from home and enables users to upload content back to the attached USB drive on the EPG5000 when away from home via an available Internet connection.

Available as a free download on the Apple or Google Play store, EnViewer lets small business owners or homeowners view EnGenius IP Camera feeds by connecting to the EPG5000 Gateway using a smartphone. Snap a JPEG or record video using a connected smartphone. Receive alert messages to a smartphone when triggered by camera’s motion detection feature.

Know where your children are? The movie they went to see let out two hours ago. Find them instantly with the EnRoute, only from EnGenius’ Fusion Solution of IoT (Internet of Things) apps and products and make sure they’re all right or on their way home. EnRoute also lets you pinpoint exactly where your employees are throughout the day and records your walks or the jogging path you use so you can keep track of your daily workout routine to see if you’re adhering to your goal to stay fit and healthy.

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